Quarryville Elementary School Contact List

Chanudet, Cathy cathy_chanudet@solanco.k12.pa.us FIFTH
Nuse, Stefanie stefanie_nuse@solanco.k12.pa.us FIFTH
Stover, Elizabeth elizabeth_stover@solanco.k12.pa.us FIFTH
Leo, Marisa marisa_leo@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Wright, Lisa lisa_wright@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Page, Carrie carrie_page@solanco.k12.pa.us ART
Lausch, Sandra sandra_lausch@solanco.k12.pa.us ESL
Hartman, Nicole nicole_hartman@solanco.k12.pa.us LIBRARY
Braightmeyer, Janet janet_braightmeyer@solanco.k12.pa.us MUSIC
Brown, Helen helen_brown@solanco.k12.pa.us PHYS ED
Deaven, Denise denise_deaven@solanco.k12.pa.us READING
Misel, Jessica jessica_misel@solanco.k12.pa.us READING
Robinson, Linda linda_robinson@solanco.k12.pa.us READING
Zeller, Kayla kayla_zeller@solanco.k12.pa.us SPEECH
"The mission of the Solanco School District is to develop responsible citizens and life-long learners by providing opportunities to maximize student academic performance in a safe and secure environment"