G.A. Smith Middle School Contact List

Full Name Email Grade Level/Department
Gladfelter, Paul paul_gladfelter@solanco.k12.pa.us PRINCIPAL
Beard, David david_beard@solanco.k12.pa.usĀ  ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL
Lee, Cleta cleta_lee@solanco.k12.pa.us OFFICE SECRETARY
Stauffer, Kathy kathy_stauffer@solanco.k12.pa.us OFFICE SECRETARY
Moyer, Shawn shawn_moyer@solanco.k12.pa.us GUIDANCE
Myers, Susan sue_myers@solanco.k12.pa.us NURSE
McDowell, Chad chad_mcdowell@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – LANGUAGE ARTS
Rohrer, Amber amber_rohrer@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – LANGUAGE ARTS
Lee, Sandra sandra_lee@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – LEAD
Himmelberger, Matt matthew_himmelberger@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – MATH
Yeich, Megan megan_yeich@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – SCIENCE
Noll, Melisa melisa_noll@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – SOCIAL STUDIES
DeCicco, Alexandria alexandria_decicco@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – ENGLISH
Vattelana, Valerie valerie_vattelana@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – LEAD
McDowell, Jennifer jennifer_mcdowell@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – MATH
Freas, Al al_freas@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – MATH EXT
Koenig, Robert robert_koenig@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – SCIENCE
Cairns, Robert robert_cairns@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Dienner, Christi christi_dienner@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – LEAD
Mangan, Sarah sarah_mangan@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – ENGLISH
Novakoski, Ed ed_novakoski@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – MATH
Sangrey, Cindy cindy_sangrey@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Tercha, Tim tim_tercha@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – GEOGRAPHY
Kump, John john_kump@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – SCIENCE
Ritholz, Emily emily_ritholz@solanco.k12.pa.us READING
McCardell, Jeff jeff_mccardell@solanco.k12.pa.us ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION
Stump, Anita anita_stump@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Parrish, Sara sara_parrish@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Pruskowski, Allyson allyson_pruskowski@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Humphreys, Kesse kesse_humphreys@solanco.k12.pa.us ART
Sellers, Vicki vicki_sellers@solanco.k12.pa.us BUSINESS
Almoney, Jillian jillian_almoney@solanco.k12.pa.us FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE
Wasilius, Cynthia cynthia_wasilius@solanco.k12.pa.us LIBRARY
Gagliardi, Karen karen_gagliardi@solanco.k12.pa.us MUSIC
Linde, Susan susan_linde@solanco.k12.pa.us INSTRUMENTALS
Martin, Elizabeth elizabeth_martin@solanco.k12.pa.us INSTRUMENTALS
Childs, Kevin kevin_childs@solanco.k12.pa.us INT. TECHNOLOGY
Silimperi, Todd todd_silimperi@solanco.k12.pa.us TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION
Jansen, Matthew matthew_jansen@solanco.k12.pa.us WELLNESS/FITNESS
Falduts, Carrie carrie_falduts@solanco.k12.pa.us WELLNESS/FITNESS
"The mission of the Solanco School District is to develop responsible citizens and life-long learners by providing opportunities to maximize student academic performance in a safe and secure environment"