Swift Middle School Contact List

Full Name Email Grade Level/Department
Gladfelter, Paul paul_gladfelter@solanco.k12.pa.us PRINCIPAL
Dolan, John john_dolan@solanco.k12.pa.us ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL
Huber, Peg peg_huber@solanco.k12.pa.us OFFICE SECRETARY
Koveleski, Colleen colleen_koveleski@solanco.k12.pa.us OFFICE SECRETARY
Bender, Nicole nicole_bender@solanco.k12.pa.us NURSE
Pearson, Jennifer jennifer_pearson@solanco.k12.pa.us GUIDANCE
Stauffer, Karen karen_stauffer@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – LANGUAGE ARTS
Zuber, Dana dana_zuber@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – LANGUAGE ARTS
Dawson, Susan susan_dawson@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – LEAD
Lees, Catherine cathy_lees@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – MATH
Karr, Karen karen_karr@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – SCIENCE
Miller, Ben ben_miller@solanco.k12.pa.us 6 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Hummer, Amy amy_hummer@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – MATH
Leister, Tara tara_leister@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – MATH
Lau, Matthew matthew_lau@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – ENGLISH
Wood, Stephanie stephanie_wood@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – LEAD
Kinsey, Cindy cindy_kinsey@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – SCIENCE
Bauermaster, Zac zac_bauermaster@solanco.k12.pa.us 7 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Molly Conrad molly_conrad@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – ENGLISH
Weaver, Phil phil_weaver@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – LEAD
Hoffman, Kurt kurt_hoffman@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – MATH
Pearson, Joe joe_pearson@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – SCIENCE
Long, Todd todd_long@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Mankin, Emily emily_mankin@solanco.k12.pa.us 8 -  GEOGRAPHY
McPherson, Alison alison_mcpherson@solanco.k12.pa.us READING
Lyons, Diana diana_lyons@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Rhinier, Tara tara_rhinier@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Tome, Lisa lisa_tome@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Zuber, Mark mark_zuber@solanco.k12.pa.us SPECIAL EDUCATION
Tucker, Melissa melissa_tucker@solanco.k12.pa.us ART
Sokso, Theresa theresa_sokso@solanco.k12.pa.us BUSINESS
Almoney, Jillian jillian_almoney@solanco.k12.pa.us FACS
Wasilius, Cynthia cynthia_wasilius@solanco.k12.pa.us LIBRARY
Linde, Susan susan_linde@solanco.k12.pa.us INSTRUMENTALS
Martin, Elizabeth elizabeth_martin@solanco.k12.pa.us INSTRUMENTALS
Gingerich, Laura laura_gingerich@solanco.k12.pa.us MUSIC
Childs, Kevin kevin_childs@solanco.k12.pa.us STEM
Kreider, Derrick derrick_kreider@solanco.k12.pa.us TECH ED
Lane, Michael michael_lane@solanco.k12.pa.us WELLNESS/FITNESS
Overly, Diane diane_overly@solanco.k12.pa.us WELLNESS/FITNESS
"The mission of the Solanco School District is to develop responsible citizens and life-long learners by providing opportunities to maximize student academic performance in a safe and secure environment"