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Solanco School Board, front row: Treasurer Justin Kreider, secretary Monica Miller, President Steve Risk, Vice President Paul Plechner.
Back row:  Kurt Kreider, Brian Musser, Craig Chubb, Leon Ressler, Charles “Chip” Roten, Dan Bender.

Following is a list of the current board members, positions and the township/region they represent:


Twp/Region Represented

Daniel R. Bender Providence/I
Paul F. Plechner(Vice President) Quarryville/I
Brian Musser Drumore/II
Justin W. Kreider (Treasurer) Little Britain/II
Kurt W. Kreider Colerain/III
Charles “Chip” Roten Bart/III
Leon J. Ressler Fulton/II
Steven P. Risk (President) Eden/I
Craig Chubb East Drumore/III
Monica Miller (Secretary) Non-Voting Member


Committees they represent

Building and Grounds:  Paul F. Plechner (chair), Brian Musser, Charles Roten, Dan Bender

Extracurricular:  Craig Chubb (chair), Justin Kreider, Kurt W. Kreider, Paul F. Plechner

Personnel:  Paul F. Plechner (Chair), Leon, J. Ressler,  Dan Bender, Kurt W. Kreider

Curriculum: Kurt W. Kreider (Chair), Leon, J. Ressler, Craig Chubb,  Brian Musser

Transportation:  Charles Roten (Chair), Justin W. Kreider, Brian Musser, Kurt W. Kreider

Judiciary:  Craig  Chubb (chair), Charles Roten , Leon, J. Ressler, Justin W. Kreider

Policy: Craig Chubb (chair), Charles Roten, Brian Musser, Justin Kreider

"The mission of the Solanco School District is to develop responsible citizens and life-long learners by providing opportunities to maximize student academic performance in a safe and secure environment"