Clermont students excel in KidBiz Literacy program

Two fifth-graders at Clermont Elementary scored the most points in a single day compared to all students across the state of Pennsylvania using the Kidbiz Literacy Program. Garrett Wagner (photo, right) scored the most points across the state on April 23 and April 26 while Maci Herr (left) scored the most points on April 29 and May 3.

“To achieve this goal, Garrett and Maci had to read numerous articles from the Kidbiz website and received a high percentage on their comprehension questions,” Clermont teacher Gerald Boyd said.  “KidBiz is a literacy website that delivers differentiated reading and writing assignments based on each student’s actual reading level. Students read high-interest articles and have to answer 8 comprehension questions about the article. They then receive points for how well they score on the articles.  It is used as an instructional tool for students in grades 3-5 in the Solanco School District.”

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