Congratulations to the Solanco Class of 2021!

Loving and supportive family, friends and community members met at the Solanco football field to celebrate the Solanco Class of 2021 during graduation ceremonies.

The top two academic seniors were officially announced during graduation.
Congratulations to class valedictorian Faith Redcay, and salutatorian Kayla McCauley.

Faith said she was somewhat overwhelmed to learn that she would speak to her classmates, those in attendance at graduation, and those watching on Solanco YouTube. “Like a lot of you, I had a difficult year, but I am truly thankful for the struggles and adversity that we’ve lived through because it’s given us the opportunity to find our true sources of joy and strength—which for me came from sinking my roots in Christ’s love. We have an advantage going into the world because of this hardship. I know first hand this class has grown. We’ve grown as individuals. Our character has grown. Our relationships with each other, our families, and community have grown.”

Faith has been selected for the exclusive Professional Horticulture Program at Longwood Gardens. She is the daughter of Robert and Patricia Redcay of Quarryville.

Faith included in her graduation speech the single most important lesson she has learned this year, “When going through struggles no matter how much we can try to muster up our own strength, the only source of joy that helps us through comes from Jesus Christ. He promises to be with us wherever we go.”  

Kayla, daughter of Kolin and Amanda McCauley of Quarryville, will attend the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences where she will major in nursing. ”We are resilient, we are driven, and we are extraordinary. We are the class of 2021.” Kayla encouraged her classmates to remain true to themselves. “Once we enter the real world it can be easy to stray from ourselves and our goals. We should not feel pressured to turn into someone who we are not but feel confident in ourselves and our capabilities to find our own happiness. Find the things that make you look forward to the day ahead and never let them go. We only get one chance at life here on earth, therefore we should spend it doing the things we love.”

Distinguished Speaker Michael DeBerdine, Solanco Class of 1983 and CEO of Rhoads Energy in Lancaster, “met with seven students a month ago to talk about Solanco and about the atmosphere we have here in southern Lancaster County.” DeBerdine was impressed. He told graduating seniors, parents and community members that “This school is blessed with future farmers, teachers, military service, HVAC technicians, pilots, to name a few, and some that are taking a gap year because it’s the right thing to do, savor the time.” DeBerdine said the key to success in the workplace is the correct attitude. People can be trained to the skill needed, when entering the workforce focus on attitude, as it is more important than skill, DeBerdine stressed. At Rhoads Energy, “Leadership really has no level on our organizational chart. To us, a leader can and should be anyone who is willing to contribute their ideas and support the team mission.”  

In his address to graduating seniors, Solanco Superintendent quoted author Lois McMaster Bujold, “Experience suggests it doesn’t matter so much how you got here, as what you do after you arrive.”  Dr. Bliss assured students they are prepared to begin their post-Solanco life. “Please know what you have with you today you will have tomorrow and each day after that.  Amazing experiences await you.”

Graduation ceremonies for the Solanco Class of 2021 can be viewed on Solanco YouTube.

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