Community Conversation

The Solanco School District has a well-earned reputation for fiscal responsibility and innovation, which is reflected in its budgeting priorities. Still, it is anticipated that hard
decisions will need to be made as resources become scarcer and the need for a quality education becomes more demanding.

To this end, the Solanco School District hosted a Community Conversation on September 22, 2011, to inform the community about the things that influence budget discussions and decisions. There are economic and academic challenges facing the Solanco School District as it meets the demands of
a struggling economy and state as well as federal mandates.

We have long felt that the community needs to be well informed about all the conditions that impact the budget process, and in that way, they will better understand budgetary decisions and priorities. The Community Conversation would enable the community to provide feedback for the board’s
consideration at the very beginning of the budgeting process.

Almost 200 community members accepted the invitation to a conversation on budgeting for the Solanco School District.

On this page you will find information related to that Community Conversation. You will find 1) a narrated summary of the forum and the presentations given at that forum, 2) the full-length version of the power point presentations given that night, 3) responses from the groups that engaged in conversation, and 4) ways to stay involved in the conversation about developing the school district budget.

The financial challenges facing Solanco School District
Summary of group responses to Open-Ended Questions
Community Conversation Open-Ended Questions

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