Solanco Health Room

Better known as the nurse’s office, the main purpose of having health services in the school is to assure that the state mandated guidelines are followed. The School nurse is responsible for seeing that the students are healthy. The nurses check to make sure that children have the proper immunizations, that they have had physical exams by their family physician periodically, and that their height, weight, vision, and hearing are screened for problems. The health room personnel can also provide basic first aid and can communicate with you if your child becomes ill or is seriously injured at school. It is important to remember what our health room personnel may not do:

  • The health room is not a medical clinic.
  • Health room personnel may not diagnose or treat illnesses or injuries (other than providing basic first aid for incidents that occur during school hours).
  • Our health rooms may not keep stock medication.
    • If your child must take medication in school which has been prescribed by a physician, you must send the medication in the original container and must present written instructions and a doctor’s signature.
    • If your child needs to take an over-the-counter medication which has not been prescribed by a doctor, you must send the medication in the original container and also have clear written instructions and a doctor’ s signature.
    • All medications brought to school must be locked in the health room.
  • Our health room services are not a replacement for good medical care from your family health care provider. If you are having difficulty finding or providing medical care for your child, our health room personnel may be able to assist you in obtaining a provider.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s health, please feel free to call the nurse in your child’s school.

Contact Information

High School (717) 786.2151
Becky Taylor, RN, BSN, CSN
Kelli Dodson Hersh

Smith (717) 786.2244
Mollie Truitt
Amy Wagner

Swift (717) 548.2187
Nikki Bender

Clermont (717) 548.2742
Nikki Bender

Quarryville (717) 786.2546
Mollie Truitt

Providence (717) 786.3582
Mollie Truitt
Janet Schmitt

Bart-Colerain (717) 529.2181
Nikki Bender

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