Enjoy The Pirates of Penzance! via streaming which is now underway

Watch the trailerThe Pirates of Penzance Trailer (https://youtu.be/1BJ1eq60SNU)

Streaming information: A talented cast, crew, pit, set building and painting crew of 87 Solanco students worked for five months during unprecedented times to put together Gilbert and Sullivan’s most famous operetta, The Pirates of Penzance!. The result is a hilarious romp the whole family will enjoy!

Purchase streaming tickets for $15 per device at the following link: https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/49704 

Once the streaming window opens, viewers will have 48 hours to watch the show. The streaming window closes Friday, May 28. 

The Pirates of Penzance! centers around a band of pirates led by the hilariously inept Pirate King (played by junior, Aden Jackson) preparing to say farewell to Frederick (senior, Kendell Beiler) as he is now of age and released from his indentured servitude. After dismissing his sweet nursery maid, Ruth (senior, Emily Herr) who’s error it was that led him to a life of piracy in the first place, Frederick meets fair Mabel (senior, Lauren Yoder) and the bevy of beautiful daughters of Major General Stanley (senior, Tristan Rush). Frederick and Mabel fall in love immediately, but their nuptials are delayed when the Pirate King and Ruth reveal a hilarious paradox that threatens to turn Frederick to piracy once more. The second act is rounded out with a bumbling bustle of police who, under the cautious leadership of the Sergeant of Police (junior, Elliot Spangler), are afraid of their own shadow, not to mention the famous Pirates of Penzance! 

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