There is rain in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, and we are doing what we can to ensure we can hold the ceremony outside.

An outside graduation allows families to have unlimited tickets. Family tickets are limited if we would have to move inside because of the weather.

We recognize that this might cause some concerns about travel and timing. We weighed those concerns with the possibility that tickets would be limited inside and not everyone planning to attend would be able to have a ticket.

Also, please know that this decision is based on forecasts, which obviously can be unreliable. The forecasts could change, but the turnaround requirements for changing the ceremony date require us to decide this now.

We wish you to celebrate with as many family and friends as possible.

As always, the ceremony will be broadcast on your YouTube channel at

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

Additional Information for Class of 2024 Graduates

• All seniors participating in the graduation ceremony will report to the high school cafeteria at 8:00 am on Tuesday, June 3rd. Graduation practice will run from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.
• Seniors will report to the high school auditorium at 6:00 pm on Tuesday evening.
• The grad walk and senior picnic will still take place on Wednesday morning. Seniors who wish to participate will meet at the high school auditorium at 9:00 am.

Additional Information for middle school students attending the Hershey Park trip

Please notice the 8:00 PM start time (to allow time for middle school students returning from Hershey Park to attend their sibling’s graduation). More information is forthcoming, but we will provide the option for students to be transported directly to the stadium or to be picked up at their normal pickup location.