Information on school closings, delays and early dismissals this winter

With the first snowstorm of the year approaching, we want to update our parents, students and staff of how we will share information on school closings, delays, and early dismissals this winter.

Notifications of closings, delays, and early dismissals because of inclement weather will be made in multiple ways:

  • Solanco App 
  • District website (
  • District social media accounts—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Select television and radio stations
  • Phone notification system*

* Please note the phone notification system sometimes takes extended time to  

   complete compared to other means of notification


Solanco has also been approved to use Flexible Instructional Days, known as “Virtual Days,” during a closure. While this remains an option, we do not intend to use these unless necessary.  

Some reasons for this are, as follows:

  • The likelihood of having to move to virtual days for periods of time because of COVID remains high
  • Lack of internet access in some homes continues to remain a challenge many families
  • Even though most middle and high school students have a combination of online and virtual days, elementary students attend school in person 5 days per week and snow days impact all students, K-12.
  • Childcare needs during closures are difficult for many families, especially those with very young children.   Childcare needs may be even more difficult when children require monitoring during online instruction.  
  • We hope to preserve as many in-person instructional days as possible.

Thank you all for your support and patience—please feel free to reach out to your child’s building principal with any questions and concerns.  Stay safe!

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