Odyssey of the Mind team qualifies for World Finals!

Solanco High School’s drama-focused Odyssey of the Mind team has earned the opportunity to compete in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Orlando, Florida in June. In the recent state competition, the team won first place in the spontaneous portion, and finished in third place. They were challenged with creating a short superhero skit that included a physical representation of a superpower. Team members are Katie Jensen (11th grade), Dennis Kretzing (11), Autumn Butler (9), Tae Martin (9), Brady Janssen (9), Josie Janssen (9), and Aidan Todd (9). The students’ impressive performance landed the team in the World Finals. Solanco’s vehicle team finished sixth at the state tournament, and took first place in the spontaneous problem solving section of the competition. This engineering-heavy problem was tightly contested, with 35 points (out of a max 350) separating second and sixth place. Team members are Andrew Craig (12), Hailey Lehman (12), Eric Reinhardt (11), Emma Kline (10), Grace Pursel (10), Renee Moran (10), and Taylor Sexton (9). The technical team finished third for their Ironman-inspired solution that featured three mechanical inventions, including a custom-designed ping-pong ball launcher. Team members are Lance Workman (12), Faith Redcay (12), Danielle Drumm (12), Mason Simpkins (12), Sean Keller (12), Trent Henry (11), and Lexi Heisler (11). Having three teams qualify for the Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind State Finals is an historical high for Solanco High School. This will be the second time Solanco High School has sent a team to the World Finals; the 2014 vehicle team finished 11th at Iowa State University.
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