Solanco 4th graders impressive in finance and investment competition

Clermont Elementary School student Travis Henry has finished first in Pennsylvania in the Spring 2021 session of the Stock Market Game. Travis and two other Solanco 4th graders – Camron Meikrantz at Bart-Colerain and Kymber Sheets at Quarryville Elementary – claimed the top three spots in our region.

The Stock Market Game is an online stock market simulation offered to students from 4th to 12th grade. Travis earned top honors in the state and region with a total equity value of $109,748.97, an increase of $9,748.97. Camron captured second place in the region with a total equity value of $103,676.73, an increase of $3,676.73. Kymber’s third place finish increase was $3,423.63, with a total equity value of $103,423.63.

“To be successful in the Stock Market Game, students have to pair their understanding of current events with knowledge of various publicly traded companies in the United States,” Solanco Elementary Teacher of the Gifted Ryan Humphries said. “Each of these students spent class time scouring graphs and charts of stock prices over time and reading various news sources to make stock choices they believed would result in a profit on their investments. Travis, Camron, and Kymber took advantage of a bull market and were able to earn profits higher than any other classes had achieved up to this point in my teaching career. I am extremely proud of these students and the profits they were able to attain in only two months of trading!”

The Stock Market Game will honor Travis, Camron, Kymber and other outstanding Stock Market Game competitors during a virtual awards ceremony on May 18.

Travis Henry – PA first place Finisher in the Stock Market Game

Kymber Sheets – second place Stock Market Game finisher in our region

Not photographed – Camron Meikrantz – third place finisher in our region

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