Solanco Education Foundation awards up to $16,000 in student scholarships

The Solanco Education Foundation (SEF) has awarded scholarships to 11 seniors who will continue their education beyond high school. They include the $1,000 traditional SEF scholarship for four students (with the possibility of a second year $1,000 renewal), a $1,000 SEF Futures Scholarship for a promising student who will be the first in their family to attend college (with the possibility of a second year $1,000 renewal), and a new, one-year only $1,000 Resilience Scholarship that has been awarded to six students. Photos follow this information about the scholarship recipients:

Solanco Education Foundation $1,000 Scholarship recipients (with a possible second year at $1,000):

Sean Keller
Son of Mark and Jessica Keller
Drexel University

Kayla McCauley
Daughter of Kolin and Armanda McCauley
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Faith Redcay
Daughter of Robert and Patricia Redcay
Lancaster Bible College

Mylee Smith
Daughter of Jeremy and Lisa Smith
New Providence
Ursinus College

Solanco Education Foundation’s $1,000 Futures Scholarship, awarded to a student who will be the first member of their family to attend college (with the possibility of a second year $1,000 renewal):  

Jenna Brown
Daughter of David and Amanda Brown
Peach Bottom
Millersville University

Following is a list of recipients of the Solanco Education Foundation’s $1,000 Resilience Scholarship:

Recognizing the extraordinary circumstances necessitated by COVID during their junior and senior years, the Solanco Education Foundation has created a special, one-year-only $1,000 Resilience Scholarship in honor of their hard work, dedication and resilience during this difficult time.

Jade Eshelman                                  Dominic Flatt
Zeb and Amy Eshelman                     Son of David Flatt and Jamie Henretty
New Providence                                 Quarryville
Lancaster Bible College                      Millersville University

Deven Rapant                                    Anne Russell
Son of Cynthia Rapant                       Daughter of Michael and Dorine Russell
Quarryville                                          Quarryville
Millersville University,                        Millersville University
Widener College,
West Chester University,
Harrisburg Area Community College

James Sprout                                     Morgan Whaley
Son of Kristi Sprout                            Daughter of Paul and Jeanne Whaley
Quarryville                                          Quarryville
Lebanon Valley College                     Harrisburg Area Community College

Sean Keller

Kayla McCauley

Faith Redcay

Mylee Smith

Jenna Brown

Jade Eshelman

Dominic Flatt

Deven Rapant

Anne Russell

James Sprout

Morgan Whaley

Scholarships are funded by the Solanco Education Foundation’s annual Student Scholarship Golf Tournament, which will be held Friday, August 6 at Tanglewood Manor Golf Club. For more information on sponsoring and/or playing in the tournament, call SEF President Tom Brackbill at (717) 598-0702.

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