Solanco’s Students of the Month

Superintendent Dr. Brian Bliss and the school board have honored the Solanco Students of the Month for November.

The talented, hard-working students are Myles McGrory (1st grade, Bart-Colerain Elementary), Brayden McCardell (5th, Clermont), Shaddai Crawford (5th, Providence), Carabella Martinez (5th, Quarryville), Quinn Wiley (8th, Smith Middle School), Cassidy Brown (8th, Swift Middle School), and Bethlehem Linde (11th grade, high school).

During the December 7 school board meeting which was broadcast on Solanco YouTube, the students were recognized for the positive impact they have on their classmates, their strong work ethic and academic success, and their consistent demonstration of the Solanco Core Expectations of Responsibility, Respect, Kindness and Courage.

Myles McGrory
1st grade, Bart-Colerain
Brayden McCardell
5th grade, Clermont
Shaddai Crawford
5th grade, Providence
Carrabella Martinez
5th grade, Quarryville Elementary
Quinn Wiley
8th grade, Smith Middle School
Cassidy Brown
8th grade, Swift Middle School
Bethlehem Linde
11th grade, high school

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