Swift and Smith spelling bee winners

The annual spelling bees at Swift and Smith middle schools were pressure-packed and tightly-contested, and Solanco’s middle school spelling champions are Aligail Gorgo at Swift and Anya Eden at Smith (see photos below).

Swift teacher Sandra Lee said Swift “had 10 rounds of competitive words like ‘inwardly’ and ‘cautioned.'” Lee said “an intense spell-off between 6th grader Rhett Jennings and 8th grader Abigail Gorgo had to be held to determine the official champion. Ultimately, Abigail prevailed by spelling both ‘stretcher’ and ‘lairs’ correctly.” Abigail Gorgo is the Swift Spelling Bee champion followed by second place finisher Rhett Jennings with 8th grader Piper Haupt coming in third.

At Smith, Anya Eden emerged as Smith’s top speller, followed by second place finisher Madison Landis, while Alexandra Long is the third place finisher. Smith Middle School Dean of Students Lindsay Capoferri said 17 learners participated in the Smith Spelling Bee, and learners at home (remote and flex) were able to watch the Spelling Bee via Zoom.

Sandra Lee said the six talented spellers from Swift and Smith will advance to the next level of the competition which will be an online test January 20-24 featuring students from schools in six counties. The top 36 from that round will earn the opportunity to compete in an oral spelling spelling bee, which will be held online. The top three finishers in the oral bee will move on a written round.

The spelling bee sponsor is WITF-TV, virtual channel 33, a Public Broadcasting Service member television station.

Abigail Gorgo
Swift Spelling Bee champion

Anya Eden
Smith Spelling Bee champion

Rhett Jennings
2nd place, Swift

Madison Landis
2nd place, Smith

Piper Haupt
3rd place, Swift

Alexandra Long
3rd place, Smith

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