Technology device insurance plan for parents

The Solanco School District is offering an optional program that provides financial protection for our parents while their children are in possession of Solanco School District technology equipment. Solanco and One2One Risk Solutions are partnering to reduce the costs to parents to repair or replace school technology equipment that is damaged or lost while assigned to their children. The program reduces parent financial responsibility to a ‘per occurrence’ deductible, should damage or loss occur. Information, including information on how to enroll, is available on the Solanco website at

All families with children in the district are asked to register their child(ren)’s device through the One2One Risk Solutions website and to select either ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ of the damage waiver program. Please visit Parents who choose not to participate in the program would be responsible for the full cost to repair or replace their child’s school technology equipment, if it were damaged or lost.

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