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The Solanco athletic program is an integral part of the education program. It is designed to provide student-athletes with opportunities to develop and advance their physical, mental, emotional and social capabilities through participation in interscholastic sports. It is recognized that the athletic program may provide as much positive influence in a student’s development as an academic area.

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Developing Character While Competing

Each sports program is dependent on the Head Coach to give purpose and direction for the entire program. Inherent in the leadership, the Head Coach should articulate: the need for an environment of competitiveness at all levels, while the Junior High program should emphasize skill development and participation, the Junior Varsity program to continue to emphasize skill development with focusing on specialize skills and positions, and the Varsity program to enhance the skill development while competing to develop a winning culture. At all grade levels, in all programs, it is essential to maintain consistent approaches to developing the competitive nature, while maintaining the integrity of the sport and emphasizing sportsmanship.

Our goal is to provide quality coaching, facilities and equipment in our quest to develop highly competitive athletes. The success of our program is dependent upon the on-going development of talent, the support of multiple sport participation, the expertise of our coaching staff, and the commitment of our school district of the realignment of leagues according to enrollment with an attempt to create a competitive balance.

Although competition is an inherent factor in our contest and winning is important, it is not the highest single goal; our ultimate goal is striving to win while exhibiting good sportsmanship and assisting with the overall development of the individual person.

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Athletic Director

Solanco School District

Anthony Hall
Athletic Director

Maria Phillips
Athletic Department Secretary

Lea Vandegrift
Head Athletic Trainer


Administrative Office

121 South Hess St.
Quarryville, PA 17566





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How We’re Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

School during COVID was challenging, and we worked hard to ensure our schools were both safe and open. The link to the right accesses our Health and Safety Plan, which describes what measures we are taking regarding COVID.