How to Report Bullying & Harassment

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Online Bullying Reporting Form – will allow for parents, students and others to report directly to school personnel when bullying is occurring. Click the “S” icon to the left to submit a form. 

Smart Phone/QR Code – students can reporting any concerns on their phones through a quick scan of a QR code, which is prominently displayed in every building. Scan the QR code to the left to submit a form.

Safe2Say online and phone anonymous hotline for student or parent use. Click the Safe2Say icon to the left to submit a report. 

Helping Hands Lockers  (Middle and High Schools) –  easy way for students to alert staff that some issue is occurring and that assistance may be needed.  Students can access the lockers in their daily movement throughout the building. 

Emails and phone calls to administrators and counselors are often a means used by students and parents to alert school personnel that there is an issue.   

Face to Face reporting is still the best way to share that someone needs support.  Students report on behalf of themselves and their friends.  Students can report to teachers, counselors and  administrators. 

How We’re Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

School during COVID was challenging, and we worked hard to ensure our schools were both safe and open. The link to the right accesses our Health and Safety Plan, which describes what measures we are taking regarding COVID.