Dignity Honored: High School

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High School Level

A Culture of Dignity and Belonging

Delineated on this site is Solanco’s Dignity Honored initiative, which represents a commitment to continuous improvement of our anti-harassment/anti-discrimination efforts at the high school level.   

This website is designed to provide parents and community members with an overview of Solanco’s efforts in this area both historically and currently.  In addition, this site shows how the multiple programs and initiatives implemented at each school level contribute to a supportive and caring school district environment. 

Committing to Kindness

  • Rachel’s Challenge – National program with five goals: 1. Look for the Best in Others. 2. Dream Big 3. Choose Positive Influences. 4. Speak with Kindness. 5. Start Your Own Chain Reaction of Kindness and Compassion.
  • Link Crew – transition program is designed to help acclimate freshmen to a new building and larger school community
  • Expectations Awards – recognition for Respect, Responsibility, Courage, and Kindness
  • Aevidum – group of students adhering to the motto “I’ve got your back.”
  • PRIDE TIME (new for 2019-20) – Once every 3 weeks, the high school will operate on a 1- hour delay schedule. The first hour of this day will be spent on two items: career exploration and character education lessons. Lessons will include such topics as accepting diversity and pausing before posting on social media. Students will be assigned to a teacher for this time and will work with that same teacher over the span of their 4 years at the high school.
  • Day of Service – giving back to community will share our kindness with others and show appreciation for the community efforts that support our students.
  • Teacher Training (new for 2019-20) – Teachers will be exposed to diversity and sensitivity training at the start of the 2019-2020 school year, as well as monthly training on character education lesson implementation.
  • Pause Before You Post campaign (new for 2019-20) – The goal will be to education students on how to be respectful, responsible, courageous, and kind when posting online.
  • Harbor Place Video Series – promote pro-social behavior in a school wide community
  • Random Acts of Kindness (February) – assortment of activities to promote kindness to others.
  • Anti-Bullying Month (October) – national campaign to stop bullying. SHS clubs will be involved in the month-long event.
  • Renaissance Recognizers – allow staff to show kindness to students who go above and beyond and share the good news with the student’s family.
  • Renaissance Back to School Rally – establish the message for the year that the four expectations are the basis for our programing at the high school.
  • Diversity Club – student club committed to increasing appreciation of diversity
  • Cultural Diversity Video Series – Student-created video series designed to increase appreciation of diversity in school
  • Ophelia Club – designed to build relationships between older and younger students.


  • Bullying Reporting Form – will allow for parents, students and others to report to school personnel when bullying is occurring. The form will be available on the district website at https://form.jotform.us/72386685048165
  • Smart Phone/QR Code – students can reporting any concerns on their phones through a quick scan of a QR code, which is prominently displayed in every buildering in the district
  • Helping Hands Lockers – easy way for students to alert staff that some issue is occurring and that assistance may be needed. Students can access the lockers in their daily movement throughout the building.
  • Emails and phone calls to administrators and counselors – are often a means used by students and parents to alert school personnel that there is an issue.
  • Face to Face – reporting is still the best way to share that someone needs support. Students report on behalf of themselves and their friends. Students can report to teachers, counselors and administrators.
  • Safe2Say – online and phone anonymous hotline for student or parent use


  • Use of “Harassment Order to Cease and Desist” tool
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Check and Connect Program
  • Disciplinary Consequences
  • School Resource Officer involvement
  • Schedule Changes
  • Peer Mediation
  • Referral to SAP
  • Hall Monitors and Peer Escorts
  • Parent Conferences


  • Student Assistance Program – Solanco contracts with The Caron Foundation for SAP programming. Our buildings have a trained assessor that can support families to determine the next steps in finding additional support for individual children. Our SAP team, including the Caron Assessor, is made up of teachers and administrators in the building.
  • SLC PRIDE – Lesson’s focusing on the Solanco Core Expectations occur monthly.
  • Weekly Visits from Quay Hanna – Mr. Hanna visits Solanco High School on weekly basis to a promote positive school environment and to connect with students in small groups.
  • Check & Connect – Systematic mentoring program that is available to students. Currently, almost 40 teachers at Solanco High School have been trained and are meeting regularly with students.
  • School Counselors – our school counselors are available to meet with students consistently. They are approachable and seek to show kindness and empathy to students. They work to find creative solutions if concerns arise, and work hard to keep parents informed.
  • Peer 2 Peer – support and mentoring program that pairs students up so that they can be successful together.

How We’re Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

School during COVID was challenging, and we worked hard to ensure our schools were both safe and open. The link to the right accesses our Health and Safety Plan, which describes what measures we are taking regarding COVID.