Employee Assistance Program

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Welcome to the Carebridge Employee Assistance Program!

Carebridge is pleased to present Carebridge Wellness Tips! These monthly tips will assist your employees in practicing behaviors that promote wellness.

We encourage you to share this Wellness Tip with your wellness and communication specialists. Carebridge is available to offer your employees customized responses in achieving their wellness goals. They may call 1-800-437-0911 for direct assistance or visit the website link below.

Carebridge Health & Wellness Tips

Prioritizing your emotional well-being does not have to be complicated. Adding the following strategies to your weekly schedule can greatly improve your mental and physical health:

  • Reduce exposure to blue light prior to sleeping
  • Eat foods that boost your serotonin: eggs, cheese, tofu, pineapple, salmon, nuts and seeds, turkey
  • Exercise for 30 minutes each day (chores count)
  • Limit intake of alcohol to one drink per day (Some medical conditions or risks may require further reduction) 
  • Spend 30 minutes a day doing something fun and relaxing

How We’re Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

School during COVID was challenging, and we worked hard to ensure our schools were both safe and open. The link to the right accesses our Health and Safety Plan, which describes what measures we are taking regarding COVID.