Smith Middle School

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Welcome to George A. Smith Middle School!

Located at the edge of the small town of Quarryville, George A. Smith Middle School serves just over 400 learners between grades 6 and 8.

We are committed to meeting the individual needs of each learner. We believe in providing experiences and opportunities that encourage learners to grow academically, personally, socially, and emotionally, focusing on the uniqueness of the middle-school age. The Solanco Core Expectations of Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, and Courage are the driving force for the atmosphere and culture in our building.

Our district mission to connect, inspire, and empower learners is at the core of everything we do. We encourage learners to be active in the learning process through empowering their voice and choice, engaging them in the classroom by making real-life connections, and supporting them through meaningful interventions as they grow. We prioritize partnership with families and the community, and we continually seek ways to prepare our learners for future success as they prepare for high school and beyond. Our administration, teachers, and staff are passionate about the work we do and the learners we serve at George A. Smith Middle School.

Contact List


Mr. Paul Gladfelter
Smith Middle School Principal

Mr. Chris Patterson
Smith Middle School Assistant Principal

Gladfelter, Paulpaul_gladfelter@solancosd.orgPRINCIPAL
Patterson, Chrischris_patterson@solancosd.orgASSISTANT PRINCIPAL
Williams, Kimberlykimberly_williams@solancosd.orgOFFICE SECRETARY
Scharon, Samanthasamantha_scharon@solancosd.orgGUIDANCE SECRETARY
Caitlin DeSimonecaitlin_desimone@solancosd.orgSCHOOL COUNSELOR
Truitt, Molliemollie_truitt@solancosd.orgSCHOOL NURSE
King, Madisonmadison_king@solancosd.orgSCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST
Innes, Courtneycourtney_innes@solancosd.org6 – LANGUAGE ARTS
Raub, Brynnbrynn_raub@solancosd.org6 – LANGUAGE ARTS
Lee, Sandrasandra_lee@solancosd.org6 – LEAD
Koehler, Johannajohanna_koehler@solancosd.org6-MATH
Long, Brianbrian_long@solancosd.org6 – SCIENCE
Tercha, Timtimothy_tercha@solancosd.org6 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Groff, Erinerin_groff@solancosd.org7 – ELA
McDowell, Jenniferjennifer_mcdowell@solancosd.org7 – MATH
Freas, Alal_freas@solancosd.org7 – MATH EXT
Stickler, Benben_stickler@solancosd.org7 – SCIENCE
Cairns, Robertrobert_cairns@solancosd.org7 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Plechner, Gretchengretchen_plechner@solancosd.org7 – LEAD
Towner-Smith, Andreaandrea_townersmith@solancosd.org8 – LEAD
Brown, Kaylakayla_brown@solancosd.org8 – ELA
Novakoski, Eded_novakoski@solancosd.org8 – MATH
Sangrey, Cindycindy_sangrey@solancosd.org8 – SOCIAL STUDIES
Mankin, Emilyemily_mankin@solancosd.org8 – GEOGRAPHY
Weitzel, Stacystacy_weitzel@solancosd.org8 – SCIENCE
Wasilius, Cynthiacynthia_wasilius@solancosd.orgLIBRARY
Stump, Anitaanita_stump@solancosd.orgSPECIAL EDUCATION
Sabulsky, Daviddavid_sabulsky@solancosd.orgSPECIAL EDUCATION
Frank, Samanthasamantha_frank@solancosd.orgSPECIAL EDUCATION
Absher, Kellykelly_absher@solancosd.orgSPECIAL EDUCATION
Himmelberger, Matthewmatthew_himmelberger@solancosd.orgSTEM
MacNair, Emilyemily_macnair@solancosd.orgART
Sellers, Vickivicki_sellers@solancosd.orgBUSINESS
Almoney, Jillianjillian_almoney@solancosd.orgFAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE
Martin, Erinerin_martin@solancosd.orgMUSIC
Braightmeyer, Janetjanet_braightmeyer@solancosd.orgINSTRUMENTALS
Shickora, Vincentvincent_shickora@solancosd.orgINSTRUMENTALS
Klansek, Natenate_klansek@solancosd.orgTECHNOLOGY EDUCATION
Jansen, Matthewmatthew_jansen@solancosd.orgPHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER
Falduts, Carriecarrie_falduts@solancosd.orgPHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER



645 Kirkwood Pike
Quarryville, PA 17566





Administrative Office

121 South Hess St.
Quarryville, PA 17566





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How We’re Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

School during COVID was challenging, and we worked hard to ensure our schools were both safe and open. The link to the right accesses our Health and Safety Plan, which describes what measures we are taking regarding COVID.