Core Expectations

The members of the Solanco School District are expected to:

Act responsibly and taking Responsibility for their actions
For example: Clean up your room. Go to school every day. Make sure that anything that has your name on it represents your very best effort. Inspect your work according to the highest standards. Do what you say you will do, honor your commitments. Admit when you make a mistake. Learn from your mistakes. Give 100% effort all of the time. Be prepared to work with proper attitude and materials.

Treat themselves and each other with Respect
For example: Use appropriate language. Don’t litter. Let others complete what they have to say before responding. Be on time, respect other people’s time. Be genuine and truthful when dealing with people. Take care of school and community property. Return phone calls and emails promptly. Dress modestly. Say “Thank you” and “Excuse me”.

Act with Courage every day.
For example: Do the right thing, even when it is not accepted by the majority. Admit your mistakes. Take on a leadership role. Volunteer. Try something new. Show integrity, do what is right when no one is around. Protect someone who is being bullied. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.

Act with Kindness when dealing with others
For example: Offer to help someone in need. Encourage and compliment people. Help someone pick up books when they are dropped. Allow someone to get ahead of you in traffic. Respond to others who have lost a pet, lost their lunch money, hurt themselves on the playground, have been mistreated by others. Hold the door open for someone. Offer to help a person carry their packages. Welcome a new student to the classroom.

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