The Solanco School District announces a tax credit program for senior citizens living in the school district. The SMILES Program (Senior Mentors ILearning and Education Services) will provide tax credit vouchers for up to $300 to qualified senior citizens, in exchange for 40 hours of volunteer work in any Solanco school. Those completing the program will receive a tax voucher for $300 toward their school district property taxes. The credit for service provided to the school district during a year will be credited to the following year’s real estate tax invoice. Credits earned during a school year will reduce the tax liability for the tax invoices issued the following July. The tax invoices will reflect the full amount due; however, the taxpayer will be issued a $300 credit voucher to be applied to the tax invoice.

The taxpayer will only be required to pay the net amount due after application of the tax credit. Taxpayers who have their real estate taxes escrowed through their mortgage may request a refund of the tax credit upon payment of their taxes by the escrow agent. Tax credits must be used in the tax year following the year in which they are earned.Should a participant sell their property and purchase another property within the Solanco School District, the credit may be transferred to that property for that individual. If a participant sells their property and does not purchase another property within the School District, the credit is forfeited. Tax credits are not transferable to another individual.

The experience and knowledge of senior volunteers are needed in a broad range of areas, including many opportunities to work with students and helping in our buildings. A sampling of volunteer opportunities to assist with the operations of our buildings includes:


Acting as a tutor.
Helping students in the cafeterias, classrooms or computer labs.
Listening to children read or reading to children.


Playing the piano or other musical instruments.
Assisting in art, physical education, or classroom.


Doing special assignments in cleaning, grounds keeping or painting.
Assisting in the health room, libraries or offices


You do if:

You are 62 or older
Your household income is $25,000 or less
(i.e. social security, pension, interest, etc.)
You are a residential property owner living in the Solanco School District.

***If for some reason, you are physically unable to perform the 40 hours of volunteer work, a friend or family member may complete the 40 hours for you. Check the box marked “Physically Unable” and list the substitute’s name.


Pick up information and application form at the following locations:

All school district building offices
Our website (www.solanco.k12.pa.us)
Township offices
Local post offices

Submit a completed application to:
The Superintendent’s Office
Solanco School District Office
121 South Hess Street, Quarryville, PA 17566
Any Questions Contact:
Monica Miller
Solanco School District Office

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