Solanco Virtual Academy

The following link is for students and parents of students who would like an application for partial or full-day schedule of the Solanco Virtual Academy – Solanco Virtual Academy (SVA) Application

Background – Quality Education and Significant Savings for Solanco Taxpayers

The Solanco School District has operated the Solanco Virtual Academy (SVA) since the spring of 2006. SVA offers kindergarten through 12th grade online virtual learning opportunities and choice for resident students. Since inception, the SVA has provided a rigorous standards-based educational program for resident students, plus it has saved Solanco taxpayers over $750,000 in charter school tuition.

Online learning is not for all students. Yet for some, it is a very viable choice, even an advantage for their particular learning style. SVA partners with the Intermediate Unit 13 (LLVS – Lancaster-Lebanon Virtual Solutions) as our provider of content. The curricula used are through Accelerate Education, Edison Learning, eDynamic Learning, and Apex Learning. All curriculums are aligned to national standards and all teachers are PA certified.

Like Solanco’s “brick and mortar” schools, the SVA program is provided at no charge to resident parents/students. While the district understands that charter schools remain a choice for parents,  Solanco’s direct operational experience and expertise with online learning provides unique learning advantages for students, and does so at a lower cost to the community. In fact, the cost of a student in the SVA is less than half what state regulations require the district to pay a charter school to educate that same student.

Contact us today to learn more about how our SVA program could meet the specific needs of your child.

Contact Information:

Bart-Colerain Elementary
Principal Sara Parrish –

Clermont Elementary
Principal Christopher Zander –

Providence Elementary
Principal Billie Corbin –

Quarryville Elementary
Principal Rebecca Gajecki –

George A. Smith Middle School
Principal Paul Gladfelter –

Swift Middle School
Principal Paul Gladfelter –

Solanco High School
Principal Scott Long –

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