Dear Solanco Families,

On Friday, September 15th, we were made aware of a social media threat about a school shooting. The threat did not name a specific school district or even a state.

No Solanco students are connected to this or have made any threats. Solanco was not named, nor was Pennsylvania.

These posts do not indicate any direct threat against Solanco.

A number of schools both local and nationally have seen this, as well.

We take any threats seriously and follow specific safety protocols. These include collaborating with law enforcement when any concerns arise. As we learned of this, we did contact law enforcement.

The way social media works and how widely social media is used by children has made threat assessment more challenging in some ways. Information spreads very quickly and the accuracy of that information can, and does, change quickly.

Thank you for your support, concern, and communication. We all must continue to work together to ensure student safety. The strength of the community and the care and concern for the children of Solanco continues to be demonstrated. Thank you!