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Integrated Pest Management

Solanco Policy 716 describing integrated pest management procedures

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Maintenance of School Facilities

Board Policy 704 describing maintenance of buildings, property and equipment

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Staff Portal Instructions

Instructions for staff use of the FIS (Financial Information System) staff information portal.

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Overview of AblePay

Information about the employee AblePay health benefit program

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HSA Includible and Not Includible Expenses – IRS Publication 502 

Information describing eligible HSA expenses

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Health Savings Accounts Eligibility Checklist – Enrollment 

Learn about employee eligibility for enrollment in Solanco’s Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)

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Health Savings Accounts Basics 

Learn about Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) as an employee benefit

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Express Scripts Additional FAQ’s  

Additional information/Frequently Asked Questions about the district’s employee prescription plan

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Understanding Express Scripts

Key information about employee prescription drug benefits

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Annual Employee Benefits Plan Notices 

Key notifications regarding employee benefits

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Learn About Your Preventative Care Services

Detailed information regarding preventative health care available to employees

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2022 QHDHP Summary of Benefits and Coverage 

Describes the QHDHP benefits and covered services

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