Solanco Safety Committee

The specific functions of the Safety Committee are to detect hazards, analyze and solve problems and assist in the management of safety. The Safety Committee consists of management and employee representatives. The Safety Committee utilizes members representative of all district buildings.

The specific duties of the Safety Committee include:

  • Facilitate cooperation between an employer and employees in initiating, developing, carrying out and monitoring measures designed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees
  • Assist in the resolution of occupational health and safety issues at the workplace
  • Assist in the formulation and dissemination of policies, practices and procedures that promote health and safety at the workplace
  • Assist with the development of accident and investigative reporting procedures
  • Advise the employer on any proposed or actual changes to health and safety policies, practices and procedures in the workplace

Please feel free to contact a Safety Committee member with concerns or suggestions for keeping the Solanco School District a safer place.

Safety Committee Members

Balmer, StephanieTeacherSolanco High SchoolX 
Jones, StephanieTeacherSolanco High SchoolX 
McPherson, AlisonTeacherQuarryville Elementary X
Williams, HayleyTeacherQuarryville ElementaryX 
Edwards-Nace, AshleyDir. Behavioral Support Admin OfficeX 
Mankin, Emily Teacher Swift/Smith Middle SchoolsX 
Daubert, MelindaTeacherClermont Elementary SchoolX 
Kreider, DerrickTeacherSwift Middle SchoolX 
Robinson, LindaTeacherClermont Elementary SchoolX 
Miller, BrettTeacherSolanco High SchoolX
Morris, MichelleCustodianClermont Elementary SchoolX
Garcia, JoePurchasing ClerkAdmin OfficeX 
Tucker, SandyBusiness Manager Admin Office 
Gajecki, RebeccaPrincipalQuarryville Elementary SchoolX
Bennett, BruceDirector Bldgs. & GroundsAdministration Office X
Kirchoff, MatthewDirector Transp & Food SvcAdministration Office X

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