Board Meeting Information

The Solanco Board of School Directors has set monthly school board meetings to be held in the Board Room of the Administrative Office Building, 121 S. Hess Street, Quarryville, PA, beginning at 7:30 p.m. The meeting on the second Monday of the month is held to establish the agenda for the general business meeting, which is held on the third Monday of each month. Most routine board business is addressed at the general business meeting, although the Board may take action at any of the public meetings. Committee meetings are held on the first and fourth Mondays when there is business to address.

If there is a change in the purpose of the meeting, a notice will be posted on the doors of the Administrative Office Building by 3 p.m. of the day of the meeting. If additional meetings are scheduled, proper advertising procedures will be followed.

All meetings are made available to the public via the media, postings in meeting locations prior to the meeting and the school calendar. All deliberations and official business of the Board are conducted in open, public sessions. The Board may, however, conduct an executive session, which is not open to the public. The presiding officer shall announce the purpose of moving the executive session prior to convening. Under the Sunshine Act, 65 P.S. 271, et seq., the Board may discuss the following matters in an executive session: employment issues, personnel matters, labor relations, the purchase or lease of real estate, consultation with an attorney or other professional advisor regarding potential litigation or identifiable complaints which may lead to litigation, and matters which must be conducted in private to protect the lawful privilege of confidentiality. Even if a matter/issue is appropriately discussed in Executive Session, official action must be taken in public.

The Agenda

  • Call Meeting to Order, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence, Invitation to Speak on Agenda Items
  • Recognition of Guests/Presentations
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Business Manager’s Report and Financial Reports
  • Superintendent’s Report
  • Correspondence
  • Physical Facilities Report
  • Curriculum/Instruction
  • Food Services & Transportation Committee
  • Adjournment

Policy Procedure for Appearance on the Agenda

The following link will open a PDF file about the procedure for scheduling an appearance on the School Board Agenda. Procedure for Scheduling Appearance on the Agenda

Public Participation in School Board Meetings

How to Communicate with the Board

There are times when a parent or taxpayer has a question or concern and is uncertain as to the procedure to follow in contacting the school district. We would like to suggest the following procedure for obtaining this type of information from school district personnel. If your inquiry is about your child, first contact the child’s teacher, counselor, or the building principal. If the teacher, counselor, or principal is unable to assist you by telephone, he or she will make an appointment with you at your convenience. We assure you that these individuals will be very receptive and cooperative in responding to your questions or concerns.

Occasionally, parents call school board directors in an attempt to obtain an answer to their questions or concerns. Upon receiving such a call, the board director calls the district superintendent. The district superintendent must call the building principal to inform him or her of the problem or concern. The principal will then research the concern and communicate with the parent. Therefore, we suggest that you first call the teacher, counselor or principal so that he or she can respond without any undue delay.

Taxpayers should refer questions pertinent to taxes to the tax office 717-786-8401. Other questions pertinent to the district should be directed to the office of the Superintendent at 717-786-8401. The school board and staff of Solanco School District are eager to communicate and cooperate with the public. Our combined efforts are essential if we are to continue to do our best for the children of the Solanco community.

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